Hennie Bosman, International Chairman, Kyokushin-kan

Shihan Hennie Bosman of South Africa is the Chairman of the Kyokushin-kan International Committee, a position formerly held by Shihan Jose Millan (deceased), and Shihan Jacques Sandulescu (also deceased). International Committee members include Shihan Tae Kyun Shin of Korea, Shihan Davood Daneshfar of Iran, and Shihan Hamid Asna Ashari of Canada. The International Committee is made up of senior members of Kyokuhshin-kan that Kancho Royama (Kyokushin-kan Chairman) relies on as a advisory board, and who he trusts, first and foremost, to speak on the behalf of Kyokushin-kan in their areas of the world, on topics such as Kyokusin-kan’s mission and priorities.

In November of 2017, Shihan Bosman’s title “International Committee Chairman” was shortened to “International Chairman” as he was tasked by Kancho Royama to work internationally, on the behalf of Honbu, to try to expand Kyokushin-kan International membership, and improve connections between Honbu and world branches whose connections are not as close as they could be, due to the vast distance between them and Japan. Shihan Bosman appointed Shihan Tom Callahan (Chairman USA Kyokusin-kan) as “International Secretary” to assist in this endeavor.

Shihan Hennie Bosman started training karate in 1965 as a 9 year old to stop being bullied at school. He immediately fell in love with Karatedo and has trained non stop ever since. He opened his first dojo in 1976 and in 1978 he left the SA Police Force to open  dojos in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Today he is assisted by 8 full time instructors to teach the 1000 students at 40 venues.

Shihan Bosman represented SA in traditional karate, Kyokushin as well as kickboxing and won multiple awards in kumite and kata. In 2001 he won the World Senior Division in OsakaJapan. He has contributed in a big way to spread and promote Kyokushin Karate in Africa. He has represented SA as national coach, manager and also as centre referee. He currently holds the rank of 8th dan and in 2017 Shihan Hennie has been appointed as International Chairman of Kyokushin-Kan to assist spreading and to teach Kyokushin-Kan worldwide.

Shihan Bosman is married to Hayley and has 2 sons Henry and Alistaire who both are involved in Karate. He has also made his mark as a action film star since 2003 normally playing bad guys in films such as Invictus, Death Race 2, Doomsday and Samson. He does saloon car racing and golf as a hobby. He lives and breaths Kyokushin Karate.